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Our Approach

Scribing For The Future is an innovative and dynamic organization whose mission is to proliferate Jewish education and Jewish values through a diverse group of congregations on a nationwide basis. To accomplish this objective our organization assists our partner congregations in joining together to commission and write the most ancient and sacred text of the Jewish corpus-a Sefer Torah.

As part of this process , our organization provides a variety of exciting and dynamic speakers who will give a series of thought provoking lectures on contemporary issues addressed in the Torah. Your congregation will have the opportunity to be better informed about the history and traditions of the Jewish religion codified in a Sefer Torah.

In addition to this expansive adult programming, our organization is also uniquely focused on transmitting this exciting experience to the children and young adults of the congregation. To this end, we have a diverse group of educators who are experts at combining valuable religious education with a healthy dose of excitement and fun. At the end of the day, the children not only learn valuable lessons from the Torah that are relevant to their lives but also develop a deeper connection with their Synagogue and religion.


How It Works

It’s easy! Just give us a call and together we will make it happen. We will meet with you and create the perfect program for your congregation. We will guide you on the fundraising aspects and work closely with your committees to make the entire year of Torah writing and study a huge educational and financial success.

While a Sefer Torah is being scribed for your Congregation, Scribing For The Future will help your members and Religious School students immerse themselves in the study of Torah. We will work closely with your School Educator to custom design programming that will suit your congregation’s needs. Together, we will create an atmosphere in the school that is thought provoking and meaningful.


Having a Sefer Torah written in your congregation, is an experience that spiritually transcends all other programming you may have scheduled for a specific year. With all the educationally exciting components, you may not have stopped to realize the financial benefit that is inherent to this undertaking.

Scribing a Sefer Torah affords endless opportunities for your members to dedicate letters, words, verses, chapters and entire sections of the Torah in honor or in memory of loved ones. We will guide your Temple in this process and show you how you can raise funds which will allow you to supplement your budget. You will be amazed at the funds you can raise while performing a crucial Mitzvah and by incorporating all of your membership in this endeavor. The thrill of holding the Sofer’s hand as he scribes the letter or word of your choice is indescribable.  The Religious School children will each write a letter and have their picture taken as a memento that they will cherish forever.

When you secure our services, we will make this all happen for your congregation. Call us soon and let’s share the Mitzvah, the simcha and the rewards!


We like to think of ourselves as a WIN, WIN, WIN Program!

We help you to
fulfill the 613th Mitzvah
of writing a Sefer Torah

We help you to raise much
needed funds for the
running of your Synagogue

We make Torah come alive
in a way that touches the
hearts of the congregants

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